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 I've decided to write this post in English..
I just wanted to do it.
I think we live on a very restrictive society, and as this is my way to avoid society, I am going to write what I want and in the way I want to do it. 
First of all, if you don't understand English and you want to read my thoughts, click the translator button on the right panel.

Finding yourself:
It's obvious, everyone wants to find him/herself and have everything clear.
Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it looks like.
I think we'll only find ourselves when we are in the deepest well.
When we think we have bottomed, when we think anything can go worse... In that moment I think we will find ourselves and we will learn from the mistakes we've made.

How many times have you silent yourself because what you think is not well-seen or unaccepted?
I can't believe that still exist narrow-minded people who will go against you if you say something they don't share even if you said it being the nicest you can be.
This is my way to say everything I can't say to those people.
And why I can't?
Because that society has created something very useful (notice sarcasm) called roles and proprieties.

That is the only thing that helps me when I've had a bad day. 
I don't know if it's just me, but music is something I really need daily.
It helps me to keep my mind away from bad thoughts and think positively, which for me is something very important if you want to avoid overthinking.

Travelling out of your country, visit new places, cultures, habits, ways to think.
I want to have that broad mind that I'm constantly trying to build by looking always from each different point of view and accepting every way to think even if I don't share it.
So, for me, travelling is not just the act of get on a plain and take two or three pictures of a very popular monument for post it on Instagram later.
When I travel I like to get lost. Walk through city and see places a normal tourist wouldn't.
Know the city, not just the part of the city society wants you to know.

I need to change constantly. I like the feeling of a new... life?
I like to change my decoration room, my social media feed, and now I am changing even my hairstyle.
I guess writing in English could be another way of change. I want to learn to speak another languages. I want to learn from other people and from other points of view. I think by this way I will improve as a person, or, at least, I'll have the chance to.

Because there is always going to be something or someone you lose sleep at night.
Don't let those things be your whole life, because when they missing, you'll feel lost.

I hope you understand that I needed this.
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  1. I like this post, i love that wrote this post in english is good idea, i speak spanish but the english is great language; is a expression form different.

    1. Hi Victoria!
      I'm so glad you liked it ^^
      It's cool to see how we can communiacate even in other languages :)
      XX :3

  2. i'm glad you did it
    it's fantastic i think that it's a great idea to write in english if you want to change
    i hope more posts like this

  3. Such a big change from when you started blogger to now. I love the post, the concept, and all the ideas. Today's society has grown between rules created by themselves. Why do we like self-destroying ourselves? It will be easier if anyone could show their opinion whithout being juzged. Someday, someway, this could be possible. Until that day, our thoughts are only possible in social media.
    Kisses, Mary

    1. From when you started blogging**

    2. I totally agree with you, I hope that day'll arrive soon.

  4. Hey!! te nominé a el Premio Best Blog

  5. Hello! I love your blog and it's aesthetic, I think you have great sense of fashion and write interesting things, good vibes! I'm a new fan and follower <3

  6. Hi! I'm also Spanish but I love this lenguage and I think this post is so cool and creative. I loved all the pictures and texts, well I love all that you do haha.

  7. Holaaa, soy de el blog de Heartbreaker anteriormente vengo a informarte que he cambiado el nombre y la URL de el blog y es: un beso enormee, te espero por alla, me encanta tu blog <3


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